Energy Glossary


Propane belongs to the class of saturated hydrocarbons (alkanes) and has the molecular formula C3H8.

ParameterValue [Unit]
Energy density, grav.:14.0 kWh/kg
Energy density, vol.:28.1 kWh/m3
Boiling point (p=101.3 kPa):ca. -42 degree centigrade
Sum fomulaC4H10
Production:Product of petroleum raffination/td>

Applications of propane

Propane can be, as well as butane, at low pressure (5 bar) liquefy. Thus, a high volumetric energy density can be achieved. Propane, partially as a mixture of butane, is used for the following applications:

  • mobile energy supply for road construction (Teerkocher), camping (heating, cooking, cooling)
  • stationary power supply for homes that are located away from a natural gas pipeline
  • LPG for motor vehicles
Mixtures of propane and butane are also known as LPG.

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