Energy Glossary

Incandescent lamp

The primary light source if incandescent lamps is a filament which is heated by an electric current. Typical temperatures oft these filaments are 2700 Kelvin (roughly 2400 centigrades).

Light bulb as classical incandescent lamp

A light bulb consists of

  • the light emitting filament, made of metals like wolfram, osmium, etc.
  • the glass container (bulb) which is evacuated or filled with some inert gas (crypton, etc.)
  • a socket to adapt the light bulb to a power source
  • leads between socket and filament

Typical components of an incandescent lamp
Light bulb as example

Variations of incandescent lamps

Advantages and disadvantages of incandescent lamps

Alternative light sources and potential developments of incandescent lamps

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